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Security Software

There are three main reasons for implementing security software.

  1. To Maintain a Functioning Computer or Smart Device.
  2. To Safeguard of your Information.
  3. To Restrict Access.

If your security software is so bloated that it slows your computer nearly to a halt, it is not doing its job of keeping your device functional. Likewise, if your security software is not up to the other two tasks, it is time to find a better product.

Based on the above criteria, JBUR-Solutions, LLC. recommends for all of your software based security needs.

Do you need security software with a built-in firewall?
If you only connect your computer or smart device to your private Internet connection, then the answer is most likely no. Your network router has a built-in firewall and assuming it is working correctly; a software firewall would be redundant. If however, you take your computer or smart device on vacation and connect it to a public Internet connection, then yes, you need a software firewall. You should also be using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or better yet, not be using a public Internet connection, but that is a subject for a different article.

Spam Filter for Email- Do I need one?
Do you check your email via a web browser? If the answer is yes, then a spam filter will be of no use to you. If however, you use an email client that does not do a good job of blocking spam on its own, then yes, you need a security suite with a spam filter.

Network Attack Protection-Do I need it?
Do you have a network of things? E.g., Smart TVs, WIFI Printer, WIFI Cameras, and/or WIFI Refrigerator. If the answer is yes, then yes you should. If you only have a few devices that are major brand names and you gave them strong passwords, then Network Attack Protection might not be necessary. In short, the more devices you have on your network, the more opportunities the bad guys have to wreak havoc without your knowledge. Also, the lesser known brand names might be excellent, but quite often they lack the experience in security measures that big brands have. **Disclaimer: Even the best brands make big mistakes once in a while.

For most of our clients, we recommend just a simple antivirus such as .  There is nothing wrong with being extra cautious; however, and 30-day trials are almost always available for you to give the product a try before you buy. Furthermore, you can usually turn off the features you do not wish to use should you decide to purchase more than just an antivirus.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us, this is what we do for a living.

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Chris Burgess

Chris Burgess is a technology writer for JBUR-Solutions, LLC., a computer and network support company in Kalispell Montana which he also owns and operates. His expertise was attained through a blending of formal and informal training to include earning a college degree in Management Information Systems, passing several semesters of Trial and Error at the School of Hard Knocks and doing a stint in the U.S. Army as an Aircraft Electrician.

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