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For your convenience we make house and business calls. We can do just about anything at your premises, but when it comes to scanning for viruses, testing hardware, or transferring large amounts of data, you are almost always money ahead to have us do the work In-Shop. This is because we can work on other computers while your tasks are being preformed and we only have to charge for our intervention with your devices. Conversely if we are at your premises we have to charge for the full time we are there.


If your issues are with printers or your network, we are pretty much stuck working with your equipment On-Site. But, for the reasons mentioned earlier In-Shop can be a big cost saver for long drawn out services that do not involve much human interaction.

?Remote Support

Remote support is sort of a combination of On-Site and In-Shop support. Basically we ask you to go to, we give you an access code, have you follow the prompts and we then can control your computer from or shop. Once we disconnect we no longer have access to your computer. For those customers that we do a lot of this work for, we can create a management plan for them and install an unintended support client. Having an unintended support client installed on your computer allows us to work on your computer even when you are not there.


We do our utmost best not to speak above you or in terms that you do not understand. If we say something geeky, we will explain it in the form of similes that relate to your hobbies or common place things. If you need help picking out new technology, need to know if your old technology is up to par for new tasks or if you just want to know the best approach for an upcoming technology challenge, we are here for you.

?Email and Phone Support

We can do allot over the phone or by email. We are well trained in asking the pertinent questions about your issue(s) and then visualizing what is going on. We can then direct you on what to do based on our interpretation of what you see. This is the best solution for our customers that have a slow or non-existent Internet connection.

?Malware and Virus Removal

Malicious code is everywhere and we are here to safeguard your data and remove the offending malware. Even if you have been hit with ransom-ware, call us first because we can usually undo the damage.

?Data Transfer

We can extract the data from your old computer and put it on your new computer and in most cases make the new computer look the same as the old one so far as the software is concerned.

?Backup Solutions

We can ether train you to do manual backups or get you setup with automatic backups both locally and on the cloud. We will explain the pros and cons of each solution.


Training is billed as consulting, but it is a specialized service that we offer. We are well experienced in dealing with seniors, people with disabilities including brain injuries, and even people with technophobia. It is perfectly OK if you do not speak geek, because we are here to translate for you.

?Data Recovery

If the hardware has not yet totally failed (such as a hard drive) we can usually recover your data in house. When it has failed we have several data recovery companies that we are affiliated with and usually it is cheaper to have us deal with the data recovery places than it is for you to do so directly.

?Custom Computers

We do build Gaming, Engineering, and other specialty computers. If you want this done, please expect the time frame of about a month to have the new computer in your hands. This is because it takes about a week to pick out the hardware based on the software you plan to use, a week for shipping, and the remaining time to assemble, install the fully updated operating system, burn it in, and to thoroughly test the complete system.


We do not do cabling, but we do terminate the occasional connections. What we really can do for you is plan ahead for the company doing the cabling and to document their work. We can also setup wireless networks, program your router, secure it and connect devices to it like computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs.