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(406) 756-5765
  • ½ Hour Minimum
  • On-Site or In-Shop
  • Each full hour discounts travel 1 zone.
Remote · Email · Phone
  • Support Without Physical Access to Equipment
  • 30 Minute Minimum
    • Unutilized minutes carry over to next session if within 30 days.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks.

Travel Fee

Our travel fee is calculated using a zone system. Each zone represents approximately fifteen minutes of travel in perfect driving conditions one way.  We only charge the travel fee to your location.

To find which zone your location falls, open the map and search your address. Once your address has been found, click the map again and your zone should be displayed.

To calculate your travel fee cost:

  1. Find your zone.
  2. Subtract the hours of labor from your zone number.
  3. If the sum in step 2 is greater than 0, multiply it by $18.75 for your total travel fee.

If your location is not in a zone, please contact us and we will provide you with a proposal.

Support starting for as little as $33.75 when you qualify for a 10% discount!Free 10 minutes of phone consultation for potential new customers.Want to know if it is real or a scam? We will tell you for free!

Military Discount

10% off for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members.

Senior Discount

10% off for “Seasoned Citizens” at least 65 years young.

Student and Faculty Discount

10% off for Students and Educators.

Late Payment Fee

You will incur a 1.5% monthly finance charge for accounts not paid within 21 days of the invoice creation date or by the invoice due date, whichever is later.

Money Down Requirement

We require 80% down before we special order anything that costs more than $100.

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