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JBUR-Solutions is a proud 2009 sponsor of Willy´s Smaller Block Fiero

What is a smaller block you ask? A smaller block is two cylinders shy of a small block or in more technical terms, a General Motors 4.3 liter V6.

Why did Willy build a V6 Fiero? Well you would have to know Willy to fully understand, but if you were to ask him he would probably tell you that it was because he needed the floor space. You see, shortly after Willy did an S10 Chevy Blazer V8 conversion, he decided it would be a good idea to find a new home for the V6 he just evicted from the Blazer, and since Willy likes to shock people with the unexpected, he decided that a Pontiac Fiero would be a good candidate for the soon to be ferocious V6. True to Willy´s form he quickly found a silver 4 cylinder Fiero, bought it for $1,000, drove it home and two days later it was stripped down to bare metal and plastic. Suddenly that V6 did not take up so much floor space when compared to all of the Fiero parts and pieces strung out everywhere. That was not a problem for very long however, because Willy had the Fiero mostly painted and back together within a couple of months. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, just before Willy could finish the Fiero he was summoned to Kalispell Montana to paint a black 1983 Z28 Camaro that is owned by Chris Burgess, the owner and founder of JBUR-Solutions (Thank you Willy). Due to several other distractions and limited funds the poor Ferio sat unfinished for several years until finally it was brought to life as the car we know and love, Willy´s Smaller Block Fiero.

Willy and his Smaller Block Fiero can usually be found at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan during Test and Tune and Street Class events. He is also entered into the "PINKS All Out with Rich Christensen" event. Visit: for more information and to purchase tickets.